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-The McMillen Gallery

All artists have their own vision, their own methods and their own techniques that they use in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection. At the McMillen Gallery, we are committed to maintaining the true tradition of fine art photography, so that we can share our inspiration: the natural beauty that surrounds us.

We strictly adhere to the 19th century philosophy of straight photography established by photography legends and innovators including Ansel Adams. Because of our beliefs and our respect for time-honored photographic processes, we do not use computer generated editing software to improve our images. Though manipulating images with digital technology is now standard practice in our field, we refuse to bend to artificiality. We continue to capture our images by shooting on Fuji film with medium- and large-format view cameras. Our commitment to our craft is shared by our talented, dedicated team of impeccable printers who assist in the reproduction of our authentic works. Professional photographers have passed down our chosen techniques since the creation of the photographic medium.

We curate our fine art classically, selecting only the finest archival inks, the highest quality Fuji films, delicate hand-pressed and handmade Japanese papers, and the finest museum-quality mounting practices available. We strongly believe fine art photography should be sold as an entire package, so we offer handcrafted, milled frames to accompany our prints. We feel every photographic image merits its own specific style and natural processing. This is a gallery for those who eschew easy, inexact replication, for those who demand perfection and time-tested archival standards, and for those who want to experience the best in fine art photography. Our carefully chosen methods and equipment, our painstaking application of materials, and our dedication to pure beauty and artistry reflect our quest for perfection.

-Jared, Trish, & Giada McMillen

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