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Jared & Trish McMillen invite you to explore the mystery of light and its unfolding in their powerfully vibrant imagery at their Award-Winning Park City, Utah Gallery. Located in Historic Downtown Park City, Utah at 505 Main Street. 

As two accomplished and award-winning photographers, it has been their goal to document photographic landscapes in a way that captures each genuinely magnificent detail in all of nature's chaotic glory. Separately and together, they've spent the last 20+  years exploring their passion for the outdoors while documenting their surroundings in an undeniably unique perspective that is translated in their art.

The images featured at the McMillen Fine Art Photography Gallery are not to be compared with the works of digital photographers. All of the images included in the McMillen Fine Art Limited Edition Collections are photographs captured on film through the use of medium and large format view cameras.

"In shooting film, they understand fully that precision, accuracy, and extensive knowledge of the photographic art form are their tools in creating their award winning imagery. They are well known for capturing images at f64 on their old school, large format camera and panoramic format cameras, especially by locals who often spot them on the hillsides of beautiful Park City."

In selecting their landscapes, the McMillens will observe an area for up to six months at a time. During this time, they are watching for weather patterns that may create dramatic skies in addition to changes in the landscape itself as it evolves through the seasons. All are characters with a critical role in creating epic imagery. Once they have determined when to document a scene, they photograph only 3 to 4 images total on film in hopes of capturing that one magnificent landscape.

However, the process does not end at image capture; the time period from image capture to new release, typically requires a minimum of four months for each of their creations.

They take the words Fine Art Photography Gallery to heart when it comes to providing their collectors with true photographic artwork.

The McMillen's are also very well known for their stunning portraits and editorial commissions which have been featured in many national and international publications including Forbes, Time, Der Speigel, Newsweek, FHM, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure/Traveler, and Smithsonian to name a few. Jared is also a winner of a National Book award for the co-authoring of Red Rock Canyon A Climbers Guide.

The McMillen's are also available for custom commissions for home or business interior decor. Their pieces make wonderful focal point and conversation pieces for any structure.

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