The morning started off normal, coffee in the mug and the camera equipment packed up. The only difference was I had my little family along for the trip. Having them along made for a great experience as my daughter would be able to see me in action, even though she was not a fan of the 5:30 a.m. wake up call. She knows I have a gallery, but she never truly understood the entire package that surrounds what I actually do. Having them with me was a true treat. During the trip my daughter said "dad you sure wait around a lot and do nothing." I told her, "True, but I'm waiting for something magical, like rainbows." She got very excited...... Please enjoy my new release "A Perfect Morning", Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Limited edition: 100

Artist Proofs: 3

Available sizes: 17x50, 20x60, 24x72, 30x90, 32x96, and massive triptychs.

To learn more contact the gallery or your art consultant @ 435-575-1270.


Untitled photo

Limited Edition of 10

Artist Proofs Available

Available sizes: 26x35, 33x45, 41x55 Hand Pressed Bamboo Print

Available in the "Insignia Collection"

Contact the gallery or your art consultant to reserve your edition, 435-575-1270.

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