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The McMillen Gallery is proud to present "Jackson Lake 2017" and "Christmas Meadows 2017"" the McMillens newest releases in their award winning collection. Current collector pricing is in effect until Thanksgiving Day, 2017. 

"Jackson Lake 2017"

Grand Teton National Park is without question one of my favorite National Parks to photograph. The Teton Mountain range seem to appear out of thin air as they rise out of the plains, simply put they are a favorite subject of mine. No matter the season they are just majestic and beg me to capture their glory. This past fall I spent two weeks in the park searching out new locations, I wanted something with mood and texture. All of my searching lead me to the edge of Jackson Lake on a very chilly morning. The air  was just cold enough to create  fog over the lake as the alpine glow of sunrise kissed the sky. For this extremely special release I have chosen to make only 10 editions available.

"Jackson Lake 2017" edition of 10

17x50, 20x60, 24x72, 30x90, 32x96

"Christmas Meadows 2017"

Driving back to the remote location of Christmas Meadows in the High Uinta Mountains I was nearly stuck several times, in fact on the road in I had to pull several fallen trees off with my truck. The early season wet snow created a heavy blanket on the trees snapping trees up to 7" in diameter. In the back of my mind I knew if I could make it to this location it would be well worth it. Pulling into the meadow I was smiling ear to ear as I'd be after a photograph here for the past 5 years. The day was pure magic, the light shifted, the clouds slowly lifted and I had my chance to capture this amazing scene.

"Christmas Meadows 2017" edition of 100

17x50, 20x60, 24x72, 30x90, 32x96

Christmas Meadows 2017

Christmas Meadows 2017

Pre-Release pricing is only in effect until Thanksgiving Weekend, 2017. CALL YOUR ART CONSULTANT FOR DETAILS, 435.575.1270.

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