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Please find below some helpful tips when it comes to hanging, caring, and lighting your art.

Caring for and cleaning your art.

Acrylic pieces, this includes most of the McMillens limited editions. To clean your acrylic laminated artwork simple use a damp cloth to wipe away dust and finger prints, DO NOT use window cleaner or anything with ammonia in it as over time it will cloud the acrylic. We recommend the product called Plexus to clean and polish the acrylic art. Simple spray Plexus on a micro fiber cloth and polish your art in the same way you'd polish a car. Plexus can be found easily online and often motorcycle shops carry it as it's a plastic chrome polish. Please call the gallery with any questions, 435-575-1270.

Museum glass, this will include the McMillens horse pieces along with some wildlife pieces. Placed on the back of your art will be a sticker letting you know it's museum glass. To clean simply use a clean cloth and spray glass cleaner on the cloth and polish the glass on your artwork. DO NOT spray cleaner directly on the glass as it could seep into the edges and damage the print. Call the gallery with any questions, 435-575-1270.

Hanging Your Art

Please be aware their are several methods to install your art, call the gallery at anytime with any questions regarding your installation. The gallery would be happy to assist you with finding a professional art installer in your area at anytime. 

At the right you will see an example of Wall Buddies, these normally come on Museum Mounted pieces less then 60" wide. Some square pieces will come with "D" rings (see below). Please make sure to use the proper strength rated Wall Buddy Hangers when installing your art. Please note their are several ways to hang and install your art, if you have any questions call the gallery, or let us assist you in finding a professional art installer.

Make Sure to use the correct Hanging Hooks for your wall surface.

PLEASE NOTE: Some wall buddies will require the use of dry wall anchors instead of wall buddy hooks. Dry wall anchors come in several sizes consult your local hardware store.

Framed pieces and pieces with "D" rings

"D" Rings will come mounted on museum mounts over 60" wide, square museum mounts, along with larger framed pieces. Smaller framed pieces will come with "D" Rings and a wire running between the two rings. If your piece comes with a wire use the hanging hooks to attach the wire  when hanging. If your piece only comes with "D" rings use the hanging hooks directly into the "D" Ring (see example on right). DO NOT put a wire on your piece if it is not already there as over time that could cause either the frame or the museum mount to warp. Please call the gallery with any questions and use the proper weight rated hanging hook for your piece of art..

Make Sure to use the correct Hanging Hooks for your wall surface.



Please note adding lighting to your artwork is completely up to you, below are some suggestions if you choose to add lighting. Notice the picture at the right, this includes two different types of lighting which we have to be the most common, tracking lighting and recessed can lights.

Track Lighting, you will notice track lighting in the ceiling above the fire place, this is the most common way to light your art. Often times tracks came be placed almost anywhere in a ceiling, the biggest thing to be aware of is how far away the track will be from your art. The gallery recommends two types of light bulbs, flood and spot. 

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